Private Clients

Financial management and investment solutions

At Ashton Whiteley we believe it is important to provide each client with an unparalleled investment experience based on their expectations of us as financial professionals.

We help you to identify a series of goals by assessing your current situation, which helps to create a vision of your future as we work towards milestones as a benchmark of your personal success.

Your dedicated investment team

As a Ashton Whiteley client you have direct access to a dedicated investment manager who is in turn supported by his or her own team of highly capable financial professionals and administrative experts.

Your dedicated investment manager is responsible for the efficient management of your account-related activities ranging from investment management, to administration, to providing a frequent and running commentary of your performance and of economic shifts that may necessitate alterations to your asset allocation balance.

Your dedicated investment manager will draw on the individual and collective expertise of the team assigned to your affairs. Your dedicated investment team is chosen with your specific service requirements in mind.

Comprehensive financial expertise

This means that for every solution whereby you need to overcome a financial challenge, you have a dedicated specialist working on your specific situation. If you have a tax related query or required tax advice on overseas investment, your dedicated tax specialist will coordinate with your investment team as together they work to provide the most efficient solution for you.

In the very same manner, should you prefer to dedicate a higher than usual allocation for your pension provisions, then the necessary specialists will coordinate to deliver solutions in consideration of tax, investment and associated relief.

We believe that by integrating specialist disciplines of financial management, you as our client, are better positioned to provide for your chosen lifestyle in the present and be comfortable in the knowledge that your lifestyle will be maintained in the future.


Investment planning

Realistic investment planning helping you to capture a vision of your financial future.

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Asset allocation

Optimized portfolio performance with strategic asset allocation to suit individual client needs.

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Discretionary portfolios

Discretionary portfolio management services for those whose time is precious.

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Legacy & estate services

Organize your estate to imprint a telling legacy on the memory of your loved ones.

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