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Responsibly managing wealth

Our investment approach is driven by the underlying fact that behind every investment portfolio and decision we make is a client that has placed his or her trust in our abilities to responsibly manage their wealth. We leverage upon our collective experience to create practical financial solutions to meet the increasing demands of our dynamic client base. Blending years of proven performance with the ability to identify value helps us to maintain our standing as a leading investment management provider of choice.

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Value investment perspective

As value investors we are increasingly challenged by the rapidly changing financial landscape. Being able to identify value driven investment opportunities that deliver an optimized balance between risk and reward is a philosophy we have mastered.

Experience has shown us on many occasions that investing in companies and opportunities that meet our strict value-driven investment criteria begin to gather the most momentum once they appear from under the radar and into mainstream attention.

Through a coordinated investment process and a rigorous approach to research, we seek to identify opportunities that are undervalued to their true potential. Capturing this untapped value builds in an immediate profit return buffer. Once the underlying asset price returns to its true market price, value is realized in the form of capital return.

Managing economic uncertainty

We believe that in order to succeed as an investor under the economic uncertainty we are faced with today, a value-based investment philosophy strikes the most beneficial balance to the risk vs. reward conundrum. Whilst the preservation of wealth during times of uncertainty is a commendable notion, as value based investors we do not limit asset growth as a reaction to unfavorable market movements.

Instead, with faith in our abilities as value investors, we factor into our asset selection policy the inevitable likelihood that markets will fluctuate over the course of any given cycle. This measure towards the management of risk is a built-in safeguard as a direct result of a value driven investment philosophy that has served our clients well over time.

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