Equity Capital Management

Global equity coverage

Ashton Whiteley provides corporate assistance with a differentiated, research-driven approach to equity capital placements in a number of highly focused industries.

Our affiliate analytical network provides coverage throughout North America, Canada, Europe and key jurisdictions of the Asia-Pacific region. At any one time our focus capabilities extends upwards of 12,000 companies in the following sectors;

  •   Financial services
  •   Healthcare
  •   Consumer
  •   Energy
  •   Technology & communications
  •   Transportation
  •   Mining & natural resources
  •   Real estate

Investment banking services

Ashton Whiteley continues to participate in a number annual institutional advisory assignments. With a dedicated focus to each assignment our scope is limited to between 4-6 placements throughout a single calendar year.

Whilst this may restrict the potential we are able offer clients, we take every measure possible to ensure that the assignments we do commit to offer a high potential for value return.

Protecting shareholder value

We understand that at institutional level decisions are made under sensitive conditions. Protecting shareholder value during the decision making process is key to sustaining relations. Ashton Whiteley' industry knowledge is central to helping institutional clients make informed decisions that are right for their needs as a growth business.