Discretionary Portfolios

Proactive management of wealth

Ashton Whiteley' Discretionary Portfolio service is ideal for those whose time is precious. By delegating the responsibility of the day-to-day management of your assets, you are provided with comfort in the knowledge that your capital is working for you whilst you attend to the other commitments of your personal and professional life.

As a Ashton Whiteley client, your dedicated portfolio manager will work closely with you as together you develop an investment strategy in line with your financial objectives. Your chosen investment strategy will be implemented and managed on a day-to-day basis in order to capitalize on market movements and, perhaps more importantly, to defend against emerging threats.

Our proactive approach ensures that the balance of assets allocated in line with your objectives remain optimized irrespective of market fluctuations.

Discretionary wealth services

To accommodate the changing demands of today's private investor, Ashton Whiteley presents a suite of discretionary wealth services that our clients can incorporate into a single and efficient wealth structure. We believe that through this choice, clients are able to dictate their level of involvement as they seek satisfaction for the investment experience.

    Premier Discretionary Solution - In partnership with your dedicated portfolio manager, you are exposed to a wealth of investment expertise as strategies are developed and investments are managed with your preferences at the heart of the decision making process. Periodic market commentary and portfolio specific performance updates are delivered at your convenience.

    Focused Discretionary Solution - Unrestricted and direct access to your dedicated portfolio manager provides you with a more detailed service as you seek to understand how market movements will have a likely effect on the performance of your chosen investment strategy.

    Although the service remains largely discretionary, through an increased understanding of economic forces, you are able to follow your investment performance more closely.

    This service is ideal for investors who wish to be more involved in the decision making process.

    Bespoke Discretionary Solution - For clients whose circumstances require a more hands-on management service, the Ashton Whiteley bespoke discretionary solution works to integrate asset allocation into an existing wealth structure. The service is unrestricted by asset exposure across asset classes, instruments or geographies.

    The management of such a structure is more intensive and although strategy is developed on a discretionary basis, ultimately it is you as our client that makes the decisions based on our detailed recommendations that are researched with your specific strategy in mind.

    Discretionary Partnership Solution - Research and continuous management of your strategy is managed on a day-to-day, discretionary basis, however regular commentary is provided, often multiple times daily, as your strategy evolves in line with market fluctuations. The service is highly thorough and attention to performance is monitored around the clock.

    This service is suited for sophisticated investors who wish to benefit from the flexibility that comes with a portfolio manager who is dedicated to only a select few clients at any one time.

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