Become a Client

Becoming a Ashton Whiteley client is as easy as it is rewarding. Right from start the focus of our work is on you, your financial needs, your investment objectives and your tolerance towards risk. We take the time to get to know you as a person. The better we know you, the more accurately we are able to anticipate your needs as our relationship develops.

At Ashton Whiteley we are committed to delivering a best-in-class investment experience. From mapping out the first course of your tailored investment strategy to incorporating your estate wishes, we walk you through each recommendation providing sense and reason in the most practical of terms.

We believe that by maintaining a close relationship with you, we are better placed to manage your investments in line with market movements as we proactively restore portfolio balance in pursuit of your personal objectives.

What to expect as our client

Working closely with your dedicated investment manager you will develop an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) that is unique to you and your wishes. The IPS will serve as the first step towards any investment decisions we make on your behalf. By consulting the IPS your investment manager will be able to deliver investment performance that provides for your requirements.

For example, should you wish to invest with caution yet guarantee a regular income, then a fixed income approach will take priority over asset growth. Likewise, should you wish to generate capital growth over a longer-term period, then a portfolio weighted towards an equity driven structure would be most applicable to your needs.

Relationships are built on trust; a trust that is earned and not given. Part of the trust building process is our commitment to delivering upon our promises at all times. This means that your investment manager is available to you at all times. When we say we will contact you, we do. When we promise deliver a predetermined return on investment, we take every measure within our capabilities to exceed the expectation.

Getting started

Getting started is easy. Simply follow the process below and submit your account application. The application will usually be reviewed within 24 business hours.

Should you require any assistance with the account application process, please contact your adviser immediately.


Please note: In some cases Ashton Whiteley may require additional information from the applicant. This is to conform with regulations as part of the Know Your Client process.

All information disclosed as part of the account application process is guarded by our Privacy Policy.