Asset Allocation

Optimized asset performance

Allocating your assets to deliver optimized portfolio performance is where we at Ashton Whiteley excel. With our global focus and sector expertise across key performing regions, we are able to develop portfolios that leverage on the benefits provided through a truly diversified portfolio.

Our expertise across a number of financial disciplines can help you to incorporate an asset allocation model specific to your needs. We can work around your existing financial setup to promote the benefits of diversification, or we can develop a new structure to serve your offshore investment needs.

    Asset classes

    We specialize in a number of asset classes as part of our allocation process in the know-how that class-specific characteristics complement each other when working in unison as a diversified unit.

  •   Cash management & investment
  •   Global fixed interest
  •   Global equity
  •   Private equity
  •   Property investment
  •   Alternative and commodity investment


Balanced to meet your requirements

Understanding that your needs and tolerance towards risk are different from other clients, we work closely with you as together we determine the most beneficial allocation of your assets within your area of comfort.

The continuous management of your assets prepares for movements within the market and ensures that the balance of your allocation model remains aligned with your wishes.

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